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Block Trade: A trade that involves a large quantity of stock (i.e., 10,000 shares or more) or large dollar amount of bonds (i.e., $200,000 or more). Bond: A loan that entails a promise by a corporate, municipal or government entity (the borrower, or "issuer") to repay a borrowed amount ("principal") on a specific date ("maturity") at an agreed MFE - 收藏夹 - 知乎 关于Trading floor上的夏威夷 及其他人物志 更新~ 完结! 不好意思工作忙家事忙,这个坑一呆就是半年,毁了我没有拖延症的传统。。。 ===== 当我第一次踏进trading floor时,我的同校学长就和我说,welcome to the jungle and be careful of the… 显示全部 【这四只股票在关键医疗保健会议之前处于买入范围】Vertex … 【这四只股票在关键医疗保健会议之前处于买入范围】Vertex Pharmaceuticals(VRTX),Dexcom(DXCM), Insulet(PODD)和Intuitive Surgical(ISRG)的买入范围在本周的大型医疗会议之前。 Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals(ARWR)是主要支持者。医疗技术,生物技术股票处于或接近买入范围JP Morgan He Blogger - Finance

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全球/A 股投资者投资中国的“新”机会 - MBA智库文档 Exhibit 36: Dual-listed Buy-rated A shares that are trading at valuation discounts to H Screening criteria: 1) A-H dual listed, 2) Stocks that trade at A-share discounts to H, 3) Listed market cap >US$1bn, 5) 6M ADVT>US$5mn, 6) our Buy-rated Listed 6M A share 2014 2015 Quoted market 2014E 2014E GS/GH Potential TickerCompany nameSectorADVT

On December 5th news : the world's leading a full set of interconnect products supplier Molex company recently launched the rapid conversion of Quick-Turn Line ( QTL ) cable assembly products, to expand the data and telecommunications network of customer support, to provide custom length of the fiber optical cable assembly quick order processing and shipping.

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Swing trading is gaining popularity as a powerful method to increase returns—and potentially lower risks—by profiting from short-term price moves. The Master Swing Trader explains how traders can use technical analysis, charting, and market sentiment to make trades that hold through price fluctuations and noise with wider stops.

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